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The List of Abbreviations used in Pharmaceutical Industry

You've already read about various topics related to Pharma Industry.Well, today I want to introduce you to the List of Abbreviations used in Pharmaceutical Industry.

There are lots of topics related to pharmacy which are available on the internet. We have studied a lot about various activities carried out daily in pharma industry so it is very important to know all the terms used in pharma.

Here is what you are goint learn in the List of Abreviations used in Pharmaceutical Industry:

Introduction : An overview of what are the possible terms available.

Chapter 1: AADA to BCS terms - in this chapter some of the important terms are discussed

Chapter 2: BET to CEP terms - overview of some other terms starts with BET

Chapter 3: CFR to EIR terms - list of some useful terms to know more about pharma.

Chapter 4: EMEA to GC terms - other meaning of terms used in daily activities in industry.

Chapter 5: GCLP to HVAC terms - some more terms related to heating ventilation and air conditioning.

Chapter 6: ICAH to LDPE terms - find out few other related terms used in pharma field.

Chapter 7:LIMS to NCE terms - Check out to get more information related to pharmacy activiites.

Chapter 8: NDA to PLC terms - The list of equipment related terms used in industry.

Chapter 9: PQ to SMF terms - Some of the meaning related to qualification activities in quality assurance.

Chapter 10: SOP to WL terms - In this last chapter you will get the remaining important words used in day to day activities.

Click here to read the list of abbreviations used in pharmaceutical industry.

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