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Advantages And Disadvantages of Magazine

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Magazine are as follows.  So let us check it out some of the information of advantages and disadvantages one by one to know more about magazine.

Some of the Advantages of Magazine are:

  1. The cover page of magazine is often attractive.
  2. The magazine has a longer life compared to newspaper.
  3. Some magazines are good and attracts lots of new customers hence good for advertisement business.
  4. The paper and image quality is generally good in magazine hence good for product oriented adertisement as ads looks better in magazine.
  5. More attention is paid to advertisement because of high reader involvement. 

Some of the Disadvantages of Magazine are:

  1. Sometimes you have to book the space for the advertisement one month or one week in advance.
  2. Magazines are expensive compared to newspapers.
  3. Less population read magazine compared to newspaper.
  4. The advertisement cost is high compared to newspaper.
  5. Limited flexibility for the ads placement and the format used.

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