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All About the Square Watermelon

Everyone loves to eat watermelon in the summer, but its round, oblong shape makes it hard to carry, hard to slice, and hard to store but now there’s a solution the square watermelon. Developed by a farmer in Japan almost twenty years ago, the square watermelon can now be purchased throughout Japan.

Still, most of the people in the world have never seen or eaten a square watermelon. In Japan, they are only purchased by the wealthy. 

A square watermelon is actually cube-shaped. It grows to look like a cube because the watermelon is grown in a box. In Japan, the square watermelon is grown in a glass box so that its progress can be easily viewed. The watermelons have to be hand-picked at harvest time, and then they are shipped around the country. You may even find a few that have been exported to the United States. Shipping a square watermelon is much easier than shipping a round one. They stack nicely on top of one another.

Even in Japan these unique watermelons are not available everywhere. They can only be found in a few department stores and in upscale supermarkets. Most of the country’s harvest is sold in two major Japanese cities, Osaka and Tokyo.

You can, of course, grow your own square watermelon for much less money than it would cost to buy one. People have experimented with all types of containers from cardboard boxes to wooden boxes to plastic boxes. There is even a company in Michigan that manufactures and sells square watermelon cases. These are completely unbreakable as they are made of polycarbonate, and said to be thirty times stronger than glass. They are eight inches square and one costs just a little more than a square watermelon costs in Japan.

If you decide to try growing your own square watermelon, there are a few of things to consider. One is that a growing watermelon can put tremendous pressure on the box you are growing it in. They do not have a seed that will grow a square watermelon. That means you essentially have a round watermelon that is going to take on the shape of its square container. That means there is going to be quite a lot of pressure on the box before the square watermelon has finished growing. Several health benefits of various watermelon are to be checked to keep body in proper shape.

Another potential problem with building a watermelon growing box is that you will need to allow for some type of drainage. A box with a watermelon in it, sitting outside in a heavy rain, is going to collect some water inside. If that water is left in the box to evaporate on its own, your watermelon is going to rot. So, drainage needs to be a priority. Pests can cause another potential problem. Because the square watermelon growing box only has a hole on top for the watermelon stem, it is possible for insects to enter the box and then not find a way out as quickly as you might like. Boxes which have other openings that allow you to access the plant might be an advantage.

If you find this square watermelon idea fascinating and want to give it a try, all you need to do is a little research and then start building your box. If you do successfully grow a square watermelon, be sure to take a few photos and put them on the internet for everyone to see.

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Tips for Growing Watermelon

Growing watermelon can be a challenging endeavor. It’s not that there is anything out of the ordinary about planting watermelon, but it takes approximately ninety days to get to harvest time. Because of the length of time needed to grow a watermelon, there is ample opportunity for diseases and pests to find their way into the watermelon patch. It also means that watermelon can be exposed to many different weather conditions. Watermelon is beneficial to keep body healhty, there are several health benefits taken into consideration.

Top Tips on How to Identify a Ripe Watermelon

It is sometimes not an easy task to figure out if you have a ripe watermelon or not. This is especially true if you have dozens of watermelon plants in your garden. The most accurate way is one that is usually only used by commercial producers, and that involves using a hand refractometer to measure the sweetness of the watermelon. The middle of a ripe watermelon should have a sugar level of around ten percent.

How to Choose Watermelon Varieties

While most of us can remember enjoying watermelons in the summertime as far back as childhood, it may be surprising to find out that today there are around two hundred different watermelon varieties grown. The traditional oblong green watermelon with pink flesh and black seeds is no longer the only choice. Today there are seedless varieties as well as the traditional watermelons with seeds.

Some of the Benefits Of Watermelon

Nearly every article you're apt to come across extolling the healthy benefits of watermelon is going to start out by visualizing the enjoyment of eating a watermelon on a hot summer's day. It's hard not to do this. The watermelon is a staple of the family summer time picnic. Few things taste better than a cool slice of watermelon, and one of the joys of the summer picnic would be a good old-fashioned seed spitting contest. We also remember the feel of watermelon juice on the sides of our face as we got deeper into the slice.

Watermelon Nutrition and Its Benefits

While dieticians have long known the value of watermelon nutrition, the public is just now finding out how healthy a watermelon really is. For instance, a cup of watermelon has vitamin A for healthy eyes, vitamin C to help strengthen your immune system, vitamin B6 which helps the brain to make chemicals for psychological health, and potassium, which every cell in the body needs for water balance.

The Truth about the Watermelon Diet

The watermelon diet is one of many which are considered fad diets. They become extremely popular for a time because people maintain that they lost weight, and everyone wants to lose weight. But, let’s face it, none of us want to eat only watermelon for the rest of our lives and if you stick to this diet for a long period of time, you will lose your health rather than gain it.

Watermelon Nutrition

Are you interested in watermelon nutrition facts? There is a lot of hearsay that surrounds watermelon, such as “watermelon can help you lose weight” or “watermelon can help prevent cancer.” The truth is that watermelon nutrition does have the possibility to stave off certain illnesses although the research conducted on that front is not solid. It definitely does make a good food choice for a hot summer’s day.

Is Watermelon Good For You?

Why is watermelon good for you? What are the health benefits in adding watermelon in your regular diet? What are the essential vitamins and minerals you can find in this fruit? These are the questions we aim to answer in this short article. But before answering, let us have an overview of existing trends that provide the background to questions like these.