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LIMS to NCE terms

The List of Abbreviations used in Pharmaceutical Industry

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Again in the seventh chapter of the list of abbreviations used in pharmaceutical industry you will get some of the important terms used daily in pharma industry.

  1. LIMS: Laboratory Information Management System
  2. LIR: Laboratory Investigation Report
  3. LOD: Loss on drying
  4. LOD: Limit of detection
  5. LOQ: Limit of quantification
  6. LR: Laboratory Reagent
  7. LVPs: Large Volume Parenterals
  8. MA: Marketing Authorisation
  9. MAA: Marketing Authorisation Application
  10. MAC: Maximum Allowable Carryover
  11. MCC: Medicines control council (South Africa)
  12. MDD: Maximum daily dose
  13. MFR: Master Formula Record
  14. MEDSAFE: Medicines and medicinal devices safety authority (New zealand) 
  15. MHRA: Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (UK)
  16. MOA: Method Of Analysis
  17. MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheets
  18. NCE: New chemical entity

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