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How leadership improves customer service ?

Some information on leadership to improve customer service is given below. Leadership and its advantages and disadvantages is also taken into consideration to improve customer service.

  1. Leadership encourages their team and offers support and training they need to continually meet the customer needs, 
  2. Leaders understand the value of the employee and the customer.By displaying a caring nature, trusting the team and showing leaders enhances employee engagement.
  3. Leadership skills reduces customer complaints and improves profitability and sales. By improving customer service leadership it reduces the risk of losing out the customer. 
  4. Leaders understands their customer first and helps their employee to improve customer service. 


  • Leadership helps to improve customer service, once customer service improves it will reduce customer complaint and increases profitability & sales.
  • Leadership helps to enhance the effectiveness of employee, under leadership the employee feel involved and appreciated which enhances the productivity and effectivess of employee.
  • Leadership improves quality within an organization
  • Leadership improves the performance of the teamwork.


  • Sometimes the decision making process is very slow during leadrship.
  • Sometimes workers may feel demotivated if the leader does not keep the employee satisfied.
  • Sometimes Leadership is not appropriate if the decision need to take quickly.
  • Leadership may not suit all workers, not every employee in a team loves to follow leader.