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Characteristics of Leadership

Some points on characteristics of leadership are discussed below. Also check it out leadership and its advantages and disadvantages to know more about it. 

Some of the characteristics of leadership are:

  • Honest : Effectie leaders always follows their principle, they develop trust in followers and produce a vision of upcoming task and inspire people. Honesty is one of the most valued characteristic or quality in good leader. 
  • Competent : A competent leader will alsways takes full responsibility and feel a sense of duty to the organization they leads. During good or bad time , a cmpetent leader will always perform well
  • Inspire People : Good leaders always inspire other by telling the truth and helps their employees to carry out task assigned.
  • Empower People : Great leaders will always find out leadership qualities within each person, they become more powerful by empowering others..When a person feels empowered they work even harder and takes ownership of their work 
  • Shared vision : 
  • Strong Communication : Effective communication is also an important factor taken into consideration while deciding good leader.
  • Inspiring : Leaders always inspire their team through their actions, Inspiration is one of the most important leadership quality.

Other leadership Characteristics includes :

  • Broad Minded :
  • Forward Looking :
  • Supportive :
  • Caring :
  • Ambitious :
  • Take Initiative
  • Respect others
  • Cooperative
  • Hard working
  • Confident 
  • Accepts responsibility
  • Think ahead

What are the advantages of leadership?

  • Leadership improves quality in an organization, it is a key element in improving quality management in an organization.
  • Leadership improves the performance of teamwork under the proper guidance of a leader.
  • Leadership improves customer service, the leadership skill helps to understand their customers first.
  • Leadership helps in enhancing employee effectiveness.

What are the disadvantages of leadership?

  • Workers may lack freedom, leadership may affect the freedom of employee in a company.
  • Workers or a team in a company may not like all the decisions taken by the leaders.
  • Not every worker or employee in a team or a company loves to follow leaders.
  • Sometimes worker or employee feels demotivated under leadership.

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What are the benefits of leadership management ?

Some of the benefits of leadership management are discussed below. Also find out advantages and the disadvantages of leadership to learn more about it.

Points on benefits of leadership management are:

  • Leadership mangement increases productivity
  • It also nurture future leader.
  • By applying leadership management the employee engangement increases
  • Leadership managemnt is used to motivate employees
  • Helps to make better decision
  • It is the facilitator of change