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Advantages and Disadvantages of Leadership

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of leadership are as follows. So let us check it out some information on advantages and disadvantages to know more about leadership.

Some of the points on benefits of good leadership are highlighted below : 

  • Improves Job satisfaction
  • Leadership to improve customer service
  • Improves teamwork at work place
  • Improves communication and listening skills
  • Improves productivity and performance
  • Improves decision making skills 
  • Increases self confidence in a team
  • Improves quality within an organization 
  • Leadership helps in enhancing employee effectiveness
  • Leadership improves functional efficiency
  • Good leadership improves patient care
  • Increases motivation in a group

Some of the Advantages of leadership are :

1. Improves Job Satisfaction

Leadership is very much important for motivating employees and it increases their satisfaction level. Job satisfaction increases performances and reduces the extra effort or stress .Transformational leadership  is very much effective tool that enhances subordinate satisfaction 

2. Increases productivity

A good leader increases engagement and participation among the employees and reduces the extra effort at work place. Leadership helps employee by offering goals that can be easily achievable, this will help them to increase the productivity as the employee will have the clear focus and clear goals. A proper balance between the management and the leadership will increase and sustain productivity at the work place. As Productivity increases, it will lower cost and will increases profitability at work place.

3. Quick decision making

Leaders knows how to balance and understand their employees, customers or stake holders, Leaders  are great decision makers and understand their employee thoroughly. Leaders are quick decision makers and they can easily understand and evaluate the risk and opportunities and make a commitment to achieve goals. Effecitve decision making is an important leadership skill and it has positive impacts on their employees, organization, customers and stake holders

4. High motivation of group

Great leaders are very much confident to lead a team and are more effective at motivation high performance in others. Confident leaders increases speed by increasing clarity and less resistance to achive desired goal, ultimately it motivates and boosts the confidence of team members in a group. Leadership skills helps to create a strong, motivating environment which increases performance of team. 

5. Increase Performance

Leadership strategies engage, increases, influence and encourage performance of people to take action around a common goal. Leaders create opportunites for feedback , when the leaders are open to take feedback it encourages employee and and also shows employees that the leaders are aware about the condition of employee which encourages and improves the performance by taking necessary action. The role of the leader is to encourage and maximize the performance of an employee by aligning, guiding, developing and engaging employees with the strategic objective and priorities in an organization.

6. Leadership helps in enhancing employee effectiveness

Good leaders not only lead a team to success but also develop a sense to understand the expectation of employees. Under great leadership the employees feel engaged , involved and appreciated which enhances the productivity and effectiveness of employees. Leaders maintain high performance among the work force that can help employee understand their role in overall business objectives. 

7. Leadership to improve customer service

Leadership skills helps an employee to understand their customers first. Effective customer service ladder provide an employee with clear goal and good customer service shows and increase in sales. Critical leadership skills for customer services reduces customer complaint and increases profitability and sales. By increasing the customer service leadership it will reduce the risk of losing out the customer. 

8. Improves quality within an organization

Leadership is the key element in improving quality management in an organization. The leading force sets the objectives and assists the team in achieving goals. Leadership for quality can be achieved by investing in quality, committing to quality and establishing core values to quality. The leaders in an organization involve the employee in setting clear organizational goals, employee identify quality issues, fix the problem for the customer and ensure that the problem does not reoccur to maintain the quality within an organization.

9. Improves teamwork 

Team leaders are responsible for assigning task to the team.The performance of a teamwork improves under the leadership of a leader. Team building activities helps leader to improve the performance and productivity of teamwork. 

Some of the Disadvantages of leadership are :

1. Slower decision making

Leaders either takes decision too quickly or sometime sthey take time to take decision. Leader studies facts and data hence slow down the decision making process. 

2. Workers may feel demotivated

If the team leaders does not keep the employee in a team postive and satisfied then workers may feel demotivated. Sometimes leadership tactics and attitue may hurt more than they are helping. 

3. May not appropriate if decision need to make quickly

In some situations the data and more information is needed to carry out further decision making process, Leadership may not play any role or it is not appropriate if decision has to make quickly. Because it the decision is taken without any supporting data then it may affect the business. 

4. Leadership may not suit all workers

Not every employee in a team or a company loves to follow leaders, they work better when they are alone. In this case leadership may suit to this type of worker. 

5. Mental and physical stress in organization

During mental and physical stress in an organization leadership may not help to solve an inssue, opinion from each and every employee is needed during this type of situation. 

6. Leaders only make the decision

Team or workor in a company may not like if all the decision are taken by their leaders, it may demotivate the employee as they are not able to raise their voice or decisions without consent.

7. Employee lack of freedom

Leaderships may affect the freedom of employee in a company, Workers may lack their freedom when they have to mandatory follow all the orders of their leader. 

Leadership Pros Leadership Cons
Job Satisfaction Slower Decision Making
Increases productivity Workers may feel demotivated
Quick decision Making May not suit for all workers
Highmotivation In appropriate for quick decision
Increase Performance Mental and physical strees
Improves teamwork Leaders only make decision
Improves customer service Employee lack of freedom


Explore more Information

What are the benefits of leadership management ?

Some of the benefits of leadership management are discussed below. Also find out advantages and the disadvantages of leadership to learn more about it.

Points on benefits of leadership management are:

  • Leadership mangement increases productivity
  • It also nurture future leader.
  • By applying leadership management the employee engangement increases
  • Leadership managemnt is used to motivate employees
  • Helps to make better decision
  • It is the facilitator of change

Decision Making and Teamwork

We know that teamwork is one of the great opportunity for an individual or an organization for making good decisions in order to achieve better results. Person with different skills comes together during teamwork which may support and help other member of a team to make proper decision for any task assigned.Teamwork not only helps to improve motivation but also increases performance in a company or organization.