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Participative leadership advantages and disadvantages

Some points on advantages and disadvantages of participative leadership are discussed below. Let us check it out advantages and disadvantages to know more about leadership

Advantages : Participative leadership

  • People feel valued in participative leadership
  • In participative leadership people feel well when the leader is not present
  • In participative leadership people are more committed to achieve objectives and goals of the organization
  • Decision makers understand the issued better when they are more involved
  • Most people work better, good work climate

Disadvantages : Participative leadership

  • Decision making may take a lot of time in participative leadership
  • Inefficiency
  • High costs
  • Incompetence
  • People are motivated differently and some people might not be interested in making decisions
  • In participative leadership frustration in members can be seem whose ideas are not approved for actions
  • Team members must be literate , informed and organized.


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What are the benefits of leadership management ?

Some of the benefits of leadership management are discussed below. Also find out advantages and the disadvantages of leadership to learn more about it.

Points on benefits of leadership management are:

  • Leadership mangement increases productivity
  • It also nurture future leader.
  • By applying leadership management the employee engangement increases
  • Leadership managemnt is used to motivate employees
  • Helps to make better decision
  • It is the facilitator of change