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Why is Chlorine used in Swimming Pools ?

Why is Chlorine used in Swimming Pools ? Some points are as follows. So let us check it out some uses of chlorine in swimming pools to know more about swimming. Swimming is one of the best excersice to burn extra calories.

  1. We know that chlorine is a checmical which is often used in swimming pools to keep the swimming pool free from bacteria which may be hazardous to humans.
  2. There are many benefits of Chlorine, It not only kills bacteria but also microorganisms present in water of siwmming pools.
  3. The water of the swimming pools is often contaminated by bacteria and other types of microorganisms, chlorine is one of the best chemical to kill bacteria and microorganisms.
  4. There are some disadvantages of using chlorine which can minimize.Find out various advantages & Disadvantages of swimming to know more about related information on swimming pools.
  5. Chlorine can be easily absorb into skin and may affect your skin and hair, so shower immediately before and after with a natural soap.
  6. Always use swimming accessories to protect your hair and eyes.