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What are the Negative Effects of Swimming ?

What are the Negative effects of swimming ? Some information are discussed below. So let us check it out negative effects of swimming to know more about swimming. It also helps to burn extra calories from the body, if swimming continued daily.

  1. Chlorine in Swimming pool may create side effects such as dry skin, red eyes, dry hair. Check Advantages & Disadvantages of Swimming to get more information.
  2. Risk of swimming in polluted water, one should not swim near an industrial point.
  3. Swimming in water that contains pathogens may affect health and may cause allergic reactions.
  4. Microorganism and bacteria may affects skin, it is advisable to go go for swimming in clean water.
  5. Swimming in current water is difficult, it becomes difficult for swimmer to go out of water.
  6. Swimming in a water with lots of marine animals must be done with proper care, under the guidance of specialized person.