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Why Swimming is the Best form of Exercise ?

Why Swimming is the best form of exercise ? some points are as follows. So let us check it out some information of swimming to know more about swimming. It helps to burn extra calories if you swim more and more.

We know that exercise is very crucial for weight loss as well as for fitness. Swimming is one of the best form of exercise which keeps body fit and healthy. There are several reasons which explains why swimming is better than other form of exercise. Also check Advantages & Disadvantages of swimming to get more details on swimming.

  • Swimming is suitable for people of any age group and anyone can enjoy swimming.
  • It also increases lung capacity and also helps to treat asthma.
  • Almost all body parts are involved during swimming and provides a thorough workout ot all body parts.
  • Swiming will also help to fight against heart disease.
  • Shoulders, abs and leg muscles are involved during swimming which increases core strength of the muscles.
  • It also helps to burn extra colories and helps to reduce body weight.




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