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Advantages And Disadvantages of Radio

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Radio are discussed below. So let us check it out some of the advantages and disadvantages to know more about Radio which are discussed one by one: 

Some of the Advantages of Radio are:

  1. Radio is one of the media which covers huge population.
  2. Radio can be enjoyed at home, in office, while driving car and can be enjoyed any where.
  3. Radio channels varies from region to region, hence you can listen radio in your regional language.
  4. Like other entertainment media, Radio is also favourite of large number of population.
  5. You can advertise your product on radio and the rate of advertisement is usually lower than other medium of communication.
  6. Important information or news can be easily spread on radio.
  7. For local market radio is one of the powerful medium of communication.

Some of the Disadvantages of Radio are:

  1. Only an audio medium for communication.
  2. During bad weather you cannot listen radio properly. Often unclear and is affected by weather.
  3. You need to adjust frequency properly.
  4. Less and limited radio channels are available compared to other communication medium.

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Full Form of MOT,MBBS

Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) is a professional degree program offered by various health care schools.(Other full form and meaning  of MOT are also available) So check it out other articles related to the given term.

MBBS - Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of surgery (Degree awarded by medical  school).