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What are the risks and benefits of pesticides?

Some of the risks and benefits of pesticides are as follows. Also find out some advantages and disadvantages to know more about pesticides. They protects crops and increases their productivity, Pesticides is also helpful in food preservation. 

Some benefits of pesticides are :

  • Pesticides increases the yield and productivity of standing crops.
  • Plant foods can be more appealing if pest damage is minimized
  • Pesticides helps in food preservation
  • They are useful in material preservation
  • They are also used for disease control

Some risks of pesticides are :

  • Pesticides can contaminate water supply
  • Pesticide residue remains on produce which may be harmful. 
  • Impact on environment and ecosystem
  • They are toxic to humans

What are some advantages of pesticides?

  • Pesticides are used to protect food grains which is stroed in godowns.
  • They are cost effective and inexpensive to buy 
  • They are used to kill unwanted weeds or plants
  • It helps to increase productivity and yield of crops
  • Pesticides works faster and better compared to other alternative to control pests. 

What are some disadvantages of pesticides?

  • Pesticides are hazardous and poisonous which may affect infant and childrens
  • Residues of pesticides may remain in food which is harful to human body
  • Pesticides may harm wildlife and people
  • Pesticides can also contaminate ground water