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What are positive effects of television TV

Some points on positive effects of television TV are as follows. Television is a wonderful invention it is widely used for knowledge, entertainment and communication it has both advantages and disadvantages, so let us find out some positive information on watching television.

Some of the positive impacts of Television (TV) are :

  • Television is one of the powerful and effective learning tool.
  • It gives knowledge about science, technology, history, geography, politics, current trends in the market, lifestyle and much more.
  • Television also helps individual suffering from social isolations.
  • TV also gives an exposure to children on different cultural experiences.
  • Television keeps childres aware about the current trends or events and news related information.
  • Television helps to upgrade knowledge.
  • TV is one of the effective media for advertising products, information or services, it also has some disadvantages along with advantages to be studied for effective use of tv.
  • People can learn more and more about the world and its surrounding by watching television.
  • Television also helps a child in spending time with the family memebers at home when all of the family members are watching the same show.
  • Watching educational programs on TV helps the kid to gain more information and knowledge.
  • Television raises an imporant issue of our society.
  • You can learn a lot, no need to buy tickets for watching movie on tv, get the news very fast on tv. Cricket, football match or any live tv shows can be seen on tv.
  • Television enhance intellectual development, math skills, reading ability and vocabulary. It also increases social skills, empathy and self-esteem. 



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Full Form of TRP in Television

TRP : Full form in Televison , its meaning and information is discussed below, So let us heck it out some details on full form of the term TRP which is used in Television.

The full form of TRP in TV is Television Rating Point. It's a tool used to calculate television popularity. The television program with highest TRP is considered the best telvision program.

TRP is also known as Target Rating Point a tool used in advertising and marketing. 

Good TRP means positive review of a particular television show or a TV channel.

Relax your mind by Watching TV

Watching TV offers various types of advantages for example, It gives updates about surrounding world.

"It offers various Benefits which will help us directly indirectly to boost our knowledge.

We can get lots of information from it. All members can sit together and can enjoy tv by watching social channels, favorite movies and live programs.

There are some educational channels which teaches children about many useful things which may not be taught in school.