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What are the limitations of newspapers ?

Points on limitations of newspapers are discussed below. So let us find out its limitations to know more about newspapers. It has different advantages and disadvantages which gives brief idea about advertising using newspaper.

Some limitations of newspapers are :

  1. Poor reproduction :The advertiser will no rely on newspaper ads if the visual production of ads is very much important example,. food or fashion products.
  2. Lack of selectivity : Demographics or lifestyle characteristics
  3. Clutter : More than 50 percent space is covered by ads, most ads are black and white.
  4. Short life span : People wont read it again and againg unlike magazine or books.
  5. Leads or sale cannot be monitored unline analytics in online media.
  6. Cannot measure real time audience reading newspapers.
  7. Niche marketing is not possible in newspapers. It has lots of advantages and disadvantages which is to be studied.
  8. In era of Internet, Social Media, Digital Media. People do not prefer newspaper more.
  9. Need to book slot for ads in advance in newspaper, while in social media and Internet it is instant.
  10. Ads on internet is not very expensive compared to ads in newspaper.


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