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What are the disadvantages of newspapers ?

Points on disadvantages of newspapers are as follows. So let us find out its disadvantages to know more about newspaper.For thorough knowledge advantages and disadvantages must be taken into consideration while selecting newspaper for advertising.

Some Disadvantages of newspapers are :

  1. Newspaper has high waste factor and inability to target audience.
  2. Newspaper has limitations on creative format.
  3. Relatively poor reproduction quality and short life span.
  4. Sometimes news show in newspaper are false, the news are even twisted and distorted.
  5. Competitors can easily see your price and can quickly react and change their campaign.
  6. As newspapers can be easily discarded once read, so there are very less chances for advertiser to convert the advertisement into leads or sale.
  7. In some newspaper advertisement space is very expensive. It also contains many advantages and disadvantages compared to other media.
  8. Due to availability of  internet, television and radio.Newspaper is less preferred by some audience
  9. Newspaper has limited segmentation, creative constraints, poor reproduction, cluttered environemnt and short life.
  10. Lack of selectivity, limited use of color.