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What are the characteristics of a mixed economy ?

Find out characteristics of a mixed economy given below. So let us check out points on different characteristics to know more about mixed economy.

Some Points on characteristics of a mixed economy are :

  1. In mixed economies both govenment and an idividual share the decision making process.
  2. Mixed economy protects workers and consumers from unfair policies, check Some of the Features of mixed economy to explore more information.
  3. If is one of the most effective economy for providing goods and services.
  4. Government guides as well as regulates production of goods and services offered.
  5. Characteristics of planned economy and market economy is seen in mixed economy
  6. Mixed economy overcomes the disadvantages of both the planned and the market economic system, explore Some advantages and disadvantages  of mixed economy to explore further.
  7. Supply and demand usually determines price and production.
  8. Individual choice in private sector.
  9. Private enterprise can conduct their business freely
  10. The govenment helps and encourages private sector by providing facilities and infrastructure.
  11. Public and private ownership of resources.
  12. Price mechanism and economic plans in making decision
  13. Government helps to control income disparity in mixed economy also check Some of the benefits of mixed economy to get details.
  14. Government control of monopolies.