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What are the advantages of watching Television TV ?

Some of the advantages of watching television TV are as follows. Also check it out some advantages and disadvantages to learn more about television TV.

Some points on advantages of watching TV are :

  • TV gives lot of information about about sports and political news.
  • It has lot of programmes and channels about planet, nature or animals.
  • TV is one of the best tool for entertainment and laughter.
  • Television is widely used for entertainment, knowledge and communication.
  • The lelevision shows, video songs, sports, news, live sports etc., are the sources of entertainment.
  • We can also learn to make our favourite food by watching cooking shows. 
  • Childrens can learn and enjoy by watching kids channel.
  • TV keeps us updated and time pass in hard time.
  • TV is good and effective for advertising product or information.
  • Anyone can watch tv simply by sitting at home.