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What are the advantages of newspapers ?

Points on advantages of newspapers are as follows. So let us find out its advantages to know more about newspapers.

Some advantages of Newspapers are :

  1. The content of newspaper is updated and can be used for individual and group work
  2. Newspapers introduce students to the linguistic and cultural aspects.
  3. Newpapers are not only used for news, entertainment and information prupose but also used for assistance with consumption decision.
  4. Sometimes consumers look forward to ads in newspapers more than in other media.
  5. Many consumers purchase newspapers because of the advertising it contains.
  6. Reach of newspaper is declining but millions of people still uses newspapers.
  7. Geographic selectiviity of newspaper is good.It has many advantages and disadvantages which gives brief idea of the newspapers.
  8. Credibility of newspaper is high, cost is lower than other print media.


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