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What are the advantages of newspaper advertising ?

Points on advantages of newspaper advertising are discussed below. So let us find out information on newspaper advertising and its advantages to know more. Also the advantages as well as disadvantages must be noted down for more information.

Some advantages of newspaper advertising are :

  1. Extensive penetration, flexibility and geographic selectivity.
  2. Reader involvement and acceptance of newspapers.
  3. Low cost, large leadership, known circulation easy to target.
  4. Credibility of newspapers : It has high degree of acceptance, familiarity and respect from the community.
  5. Reach of newspaper : It has relatively mass audience in a market with a single exposure.
  6. Newpapers can be timely and advertisers can change ads easily. Various advantages and disadvantages are also available.
  7. Newspapers have large readership and has high level of reader involvement. Lots of different section to read.
  8. Cost is relatively low, Printed primarily in black and white, Quality of paper is less expensive.
  9. High reach, good frequency, tangibility, ability to communicate detailed information.


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Advantages and disadvantages of Advertisement in Points

Check out Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertisement in Points which are discussed below. So let us find out some points on advantages and disadvantages to know about advertisement.

Advantags of Advertisement in points are :

Advertisemet can be used to build brand Loyalty.

Advertisement creates ground for personal selling.

Advertisement helps to communicate information to the people.

It also helps to educate people.

Advertisement creates image for the products of services in the market.

It helps to build goodwill.