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What are the characteristics of water transport ?

Points on the Characteristics of Water transport are discussed below. Water transport is the oldest and the cheapest mode of transport. The water transportation is very important for travel and the transportation of goods across the sea. Also check out advantages of water transport along with disadvantages of water transportation.

Characteristics of Water Transport are :

  • Sea transport is cheaper and slow
  • Sea transportation connects land which is separated by water
  • Water transport is suitable for transporting low value and high volume commodities
  • Water transportation is suitable for bulk goods and low prices goods such as coal , oil , wood etc.,
  • It depends on geography, rivers and channel network
  • Generally in water transport the distances are longer
  • Long transit times and slow transport
  • Water transport depends on seasonal and climate condition such as fog, water level, ice etc.,
  • Bad for perishable and time sensitive goods
  • Very few accidents in water transport
  • Generally less expensive compared to other mode of transportation
  • It has high fixed cost but low variable cost
  • Also check it out Advantages & disadvantages of water transport to know more about it.


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What is the main purpose of water transport?

Some points of purpose of water transport are given below. So let us check it out its purpose to know more about water transport.

Purpose of water transport are:

  1. Water transport is best suitable to transport people and goods from one place to another.
  2. Water transport can be used for fishing.
  3. It can also be used to go on holiday.
  4. It can also be usef to rescue people
  5. Water transport can used to have fun.
  6. To transpot cargo and bulky goods
  7. Water transport is useful to explore under the sea.

Importance of Drip Irrigation System

Some of the Importance of Drip Irrigation are as follows. So let us check out some points on its importance to know about drip Irrigation.

Points of Importance of Drip Irrigation are:

Water flow in the form of irrigation water and rain water play important role in the introducing propagules and also dormant structures of pathogens either in soil or plant debris, into new, healthy fields/crop