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Water pollution by pesticides

Some points on water pollution by pesticides are as follows. Also check out some advantages and disadvantages to know more about pesticides. 

There are maily four major routes through which pesticides reach the water

  • When pesticides are sprayed it contaminates water example., rice cultivation
  • Pesticides may percolate or leach through the soil
  • Pesticides may be carried to the water as runoff
  • Pesticides may carried to water by eroding soil

After contaminating the water, pesticides causes lots of problems

  • Application of the herbicides to the water bodies can cause fish kills
  • Pesticides reduces the quality of drinking water
  • Pesticides may reduce the amount of water available for cutivation
  • Pesticides may alter the physical characteristics of water bodies.s

Points on advantages of pesticides :

  • Pesticides are cost effective and inexpensive to buy
  • Pesticides are used to kill unwanted plants and weeds
  • Pesticides helps to increase the yield and productivity of crops
  • They are used to protect food grains which are stored in godowns
  • They works faster and better compared to other options to control pests

Points on disadvantages of pesticides :

  • Pesticides may be harmful to wildlife and people
  • They can contaminate ground water
  • Pesticides are hazardous and poisonous which may affect the health of children
  • Residues of pesticides may remain in food which may be harmful to human body.

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