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Value Creation in the Supply Chain

Points related to value creation in the supply chain are as follows. So let us find out some information related to supply chain management to know more about it. 

  1. Supplier can reduce the cost of handling transactions.
  2. Suppliers can reduce errors in entering transaction data.
  3. Suppliers can share information about defect types and rates.
  4. Suppliers can increase the speed of processing transactions.
  5. Suppliers can provide drawings and specifications more efficientyly.
  6. Suppliers can receive rapid notification of product design changes and adjustments.
  7. Suppliers can share information about customer demand fluctations.


  1. The cost of the technologies used during supply chain.

Complete details on Advantages and Disadvantages of supply chain management

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Process Validation Types

Types of Process Validation: There are mainly four types of process validation. Following are some of the types of process validation so let us see all types one by one:

Prospective process validation

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Prospective process validation: "Documented evidence - Validation carried out based on the pre-planned protocol"

Retrospective process validation: "Documented evidence - Validation carried out based on the analysis and review of the historical data"

What is the Full Form of MIS?

MIS - Management Information System

MIS is the study of the  organizations, people and technology,to know the relationship among them in terms of computer system.

MIS study using computerized system is used to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of decision making of people in an organization.

Strength and weakness of an employee can be identifed with the help of this study.