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Pros and Cons of Star Topology

Some Pros and Cons of Star Topology are given below. So let us check it out pros and cons to know more about star topology.

Pros of Star Topology are:

  • More number of computers can be added in star topology without any disruption.
  • In star topology faults of any parts can be easily detected and can be changed.
  • When the cable fails in star topology it will only affect one workstation.
  • Compared to bus topology or ring topology, Star topology is easy to expand.
  • When there is problem in one node in star topology it won't affect other nodes.
  • It is more scalable compared to peer-to-peer network or ring network.
  • New nodes can be easily removed or added from the central hub without interrupting other nodes in star topology.
  • It is easy to install and maintain.

Cons of Star Topology are:

  • Need of more cables to connect networks
  • Cost of concentrators or hub is very high in star topology.
  • No route abundance in star topology.
  • If the hub fails then entire network breaks out.
  • Star topology is costlier than other topologies as it requires more network.

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