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Advantages and Disadvantages of Ring Topology

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ring topology are as follows. So let us find some of the advantages and disadvantages to know more about ring topology. Ring topology is kind of network topology in which each nodes connects to exactly two other nodes and forms a single continuous for signals through each nodes.In ring network data travels from node to node.

Advantages of ring topology are:

  1. Ring topology is easier to manage than the bus topology.
  2. Good communication over long distance is possible with the help of ring topology.
  3. Ring topology is able to handle high volume of traffic.
  4. Ring network is very orderly organized where every device has access to the token and the opportunity to transmit.
  5. All stations have an equal access in ring topology.
  6. In ring topology growth of system has minimal impact on the performance.
  7. In ring toplogy the data flows around the network in one direction so it is faster.

Disadvantages of ring topology are:

  1. In ring toplogy failure of single node of the network can fail the entire network.
  2. Failure of one computer can impact other computers.
  3. The system of ring topology is complex.
  4. It is one of the most expensive topology.
  5. If there are more number of users on the network then it could slow down as all the data is sent along a single line.

Other types of topology are tree topology, bus topology, star topology, mesh topology, network topology, hybrid topology, point to point topology and fully connected topology