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sodium chloride

Sodium chloride (NaCl), one type of salt, is a raw material. It is also known as common salt.The use of this salt are explained as follows. As a preservative, in melting ice, cleansing agent, anti freezing agents, heat transferring agents, laboratory chemicals, inorganic salts, metal casting, welding and soldering agents, tablets (medicine), ophthalmic ointments,  makes water soft, mouthwash, food industry, Intravenous saline,

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The List of Abbreviations used in Pharmaceutical Industry

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Effectiveness of Inorganic Coal

Mineral coal is used in producing steam power to drive railway trains, Steam-ships and Steamers.

Steam-power is produced from water boiled by mineral coal. Electricity is easily manufactured from coal by planting thermal stations near coal mines.

Synthetic petrol is manufactured from mineral; coal through a kind of chemical process.

The List of Abbreviations used in Pharmaceutical Industry

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