Medicinal Uses of Tulsi Plant in Points

Check out Medicinal Uses of Tulsi plant in Points which are discussed below. So let us find out some points on Medicinal uses to know more about Tulsi Plant.

Medicinal Uses of Tulsi Plant are :

Tulsi has ability to cure many types of fever because tulsi has very potent anti-bacterial, germicidal,antibiotic and fungicidal properties which are great for resolving fevers.

Tulsi plant is also helpful to enhance the immune power of the body.

Tulsi helps to maintain normal body temperature of the body.

Tulsi plant helps to fight against various infections.

Tulsi acts as a tonic to lungs. Tulsi is very much useful in respiratory system disorder.

Tulsi increases energy and stamina, Tulsi is also and effective remedy for asthma, bronchitis and influenza.

Tulsi plant has antibacterial properties and it also reduces stress.

Tulsi lowers blood cholesterol level and also reduces risk of stroke.

Tulsi also lowers blood glucose level hence it can also be used for diabetes.

Chewing tulsi leaves also helps during cold and flu.

Tulsi is also used as a blood purifier.

Tulsi also acts as a support for healthy urination.

Tulsi plant also helps to prevent premature aging

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