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How to Maintain Relationships after 50



If someone came up with a formula for maintaining love (you know, such general rules with a guarantee for one hundred percent continuation of romantic feeling or a magic pill with a long-term effect), then there would be no more broken hearts, disappointment, tears, and intolerable mental pain. However, there is no such medicine, which can be for the better. Otherwise, this bright feeling would devalue itself; we would take it for granted and not feel truly alive.

Term of the relationship, of course, by itself doesn’t make your feeling viable; this criterion is quite conditional. But each age has its own characteristics, and they are significant. While the best minds of mankind have been struggling for centuries with the riddles of this inexplicably arising feeling, let explain to you the most popular axioms of good relationships after 50.

What is love?

Someone calls it passion, others – the inability to live without a soulmate a day, and for someone, it is the desire to take care and protect their chosen one. A person can experience the whole range of feelings, but without mutual interest, sympathy, sexual desire, intimacy, and obligations (loyalty, care, etc.) love relationships are impossible. Of course, this characteristic of love doesn’t end with this. It is also important to have the desire to give, respect, and understand and have common interests and ability to support at a difficult time. It is real happiness to have such a close loved person when you are 50 years old.

Love in a relationship

The love between a man and a woman at the age of 50 is significantly different from the love of teenagers. Young couples most often complain about inappropriate friends, the difference of aspirations and views, frivolity, infidelity, lack of external attractive qualities, etc. When there are problems in the relationship, people often behave infantile – they sharply express feelings, manipulate and often irritate each other. For some reason, it seems to many that problems will disappear by themselves after marriage. But it can only exacerbate the problem. To keep love in a relationship, it is important to understand that it needs to develop. The dating period is the time to get to know the partner, learn to negotiate with him or her, and accept. Marriage is just a logical conclusion of a relationship. If you are 50 and start a new relationship, you should:

  • Be faithful, honest, attentive to your partner;
  • Express your love not only in word but in deed; ·
  • Trust your partner more than others; ·
  • Spend time together with interest and benefit, develop; ·
  • Be restrained, resolve conflicts calmly; ·
  • Criticize rarely and exclusively constructively; ·
  • Support in difficult situations; ·
  • Strive for independence, not to depend on a partner.

Love in marriage

Having entered into marriage, a couple can greatly cool to each other in a few years. You get used to everything good quickly. So, is it possible to keep love in marriage when you are 50 years old? Yes, of course. But it is important to understand that you may lose such hot feelings as they were at the beginning. Love in marriage is more calm and deep. To keep a good relationship in the family and carry feelings through the years, you need to adhere to the following tips: 

  • Maintain passion.
  • Of course, marriage relaxes, but you need to try your best to be physically attractive to your spouse; ·
  • Please, intrigue, and delight each other; ·
  • Be friends; ·
  • Overcome crisis together; ·
  • Be patient and condescending to each other; ·
  • Forgive, not accumulate resentments; ·
  • Observe family traditions and create your own.

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