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General characteristics of plastics

About some of the general characteristics of plastics in brief. Also check out some advantages and disadvantages one by one to know more about plastics.

Some of the characteristics of plastics are :

  • Plastics has excellent electrical properties. 
  • They are light and strong
  • Plastics has excellent chemical resistance
  • Easy coloring of plastics is possible
  • They can be easily formed into various shapes
  • They are suitable for mass production
  • Plastics are subject to heat deformation
  • Soft surface of plastic results in scratches
  • It has poor mechanical strength
  • They are difficult to dispose after use


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Polymers properties

Polymers have many properties which is very important for different applications of various polymers in different fields.

Some of the propeties are:

(1) Electrical properties: Dielectric constant, leakage current, breakdown voltage, dielectric strength.

(2) Mechanical properties: Tensile strength, modules and elongation.

(3) Thermal properties: Themal stability, Tg, CTE, stress, thermal oxidative stability, Themal conductivity.

(4) Other properties: viscocity, water absorption, moisture permeability, adhesion, chemical resistance, surface finish. etc.