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What is the Full Form of PCS?

PCS - Provincial Civil Service

In this type of civil service employees are under control of state government and cannot be transferred to other state.

This type of service is also known as state civil service.

Some of the Category of service in which candidates are selected through PCS are:

  • Provincial civil service class I
  • Provincial Police service class I
  • District employment officer
  • District Treasury officer
  • District welfare officer
  • Assistant collector
  • Block development officer

Other meaning of PCS are:

  • PCS - Portable character set
  • PCS - Procedure completion sheet
  • PCS - Pressure control system
  • PCS - Portable computer system
  • PCS - Power conversion system
  • PCS - Primary coolant system
  • PCS - Predefined command sequence
  • PCS - Personal communication service
  • PCS - Payload checkout system
  • PCS - Payload control supervisor
  • PCS - Pointing control system

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