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Email Surveys - Advantages and Disadvantages

Email Surveys - Points on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Email surveys are listed below. So let us check it out the advantages and disadvantages of an email surveys to know more about email.

Some Advantages of email surveys are:

  1. Email survey along containing questionnaire allows to gather thousands of resposes within a single day.
  2. Pictures and sound files can be attached in the email surveys.
  3. Once the setup of email survey has been done then the there is practically no cost involved in the process.
  4. Email survey has higher response rate than traditional way of mail surveys.
  5. Customize email template helps to target niche customer.
  6. Ease of transfetting information in email survey.
  7. Quick reply to all respondents is possible through email communication.
  8. Wide outreach, Non intrusive, Tracks loyalty towarda brand

Some Disadvantages of email surveys are:

  1. Email database if required to start email surveys.
  2. The same email message cannot be send to all audience, niche audience must be targeted.
  3. Many people dislike the forced mail and may report it as a spam mail.
  4. If the email survey is not properly formatted them it may create bad impression.
  5. Cannot use skip patten in email survey.
  6. During email survey an imappropriate respondent replies cannot be blocked.
  7. Email system may be limited.

These are some of the points on advantages and disadvantages of email surveys.


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