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Email Over Postal Mail - Advantages and Disadvantages

Email Over Postal Mail - Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Email over postal Mail or traditional mail are as follows. So let us find out some advantages and disadvantages of an email to know more about email.

Some Advantages of Email Over Postal Mail are:

  1. Email delivers message within seconds. High Speed. While traditional postal service takes time.
  2. Email delivers message free of cost. While postal mail charge extra fee.
  3. No need to travel places in order  to send message via Email service.
  4. Email service do no use paper hence it is environmentally friendly.
  5. Emall can be sent to multiple people whithin seconds easily.
  6. No geographical barrier to send message via email while in postal service it takes days or months to deliver message to other country.

Some Disadvantages of Email Over Postal Mail are:

  1. Internet connection is required.
  2. Email address is required to send message. 
  3. Basic knowledge of computer and Internet is necessary in order to send email.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using email over postal mail or traditional mail system.


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