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Email Communication - Advantages and Disadvantages

Email For Communication - Check out Advantages and Disadvantages of Email for Communication. So let us find out advantages and disadvantages of an email for communications.

Some of the Advantages of Email For Communication are:

  1. Email is an easy and the fastest way of written communication.
  2. Email stores all messages hence easy to recall previous conversation.
  3. Email is good for business. Information or daily updates reaches to customers within seconds.
  4. Automated way of communication. You can send common message to all subscribers of websites.
  5. No geographical barrier you can send email all over the world.
  6. Email is an Effective marketing tool.

Some of  the Disadvantages of Email For Communication are:

  1. Sometimes need to wait for answer until recipient receives email.
  2. Sometimes email goes to spam folder so subscribers do not pay attention.
  3. Maximum file size limit is usually between 10 mb to 25 mb. You cannot sent files more that the specified limit by email.

These are some of the points on advantages and disadvantages of an Email for Communication .



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