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Email Advertising - Advantages and Disadvantages

Email Advertising - Check out the Advantages and Disadvantages of Email advertising given below. So let us see some of the advantages and disadvantages of an email to know more about email.

Some Advantage of email advertising are:

  1. Email advertising is an affordable marketing channel as there is no print cost and postage fees.
  2. Email marketing is one the cheaper and faster method compared to traditional means of advertising.
  3. The response of email marketing is higher and it is best suitable for getting orders from e-commerce business.
  4. People prefer email communication compared to telephone or sms marketing
  5. If email advertising is done properly then high return on investment is seen.
  6. Email marketing campaign can be tracked to measure its effectiveness.
  7. Time spent on email template suitable to particular audience helps to get more conversion.
  8. Automated email marketing software saves time and easy to reach millions people at a time.
  9. Instant response is observed while performing email adversing.
  10. Nesletters via mail may convert potential customer into loyal customer.

Some Disadvantages of email advertising are:

  1. Email recipients may unsubscribe your mail  if they do not found your proposal attractive, hence it is difficult to engage them.
  2. Spam filter may prevent your message to reach you target customer.
  3. Due to overloading of thousands of email, it becomes difficult for recipients to distuingush between genuine product.
  4. Limited options of different format of advertisemnt.
  5. Competition is high in email advertising
  6. Replying each and every response may consume time. 


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