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Disadvantages of Plastic Bags in Points

Check out Disadvantages of plastic Bags in points which are listed below. So check out some information on cons of plastic bags in points.

Some of the Disadvantages of Plastic Bags in points are as follows:

  1. Plastic bags also produces toxic fumes when it is burnt.
  2. Platic bags takes thousands of years to decompose.
  3. Plastic bags also releases greenhouse gases when they are exposed to ultraviolet radiation.
  4. Plastic bags are also harmful to animals and wild life as well as marine life.
  5. They are not environmentally friendly and they can be easily tear compared to cloth bags.
  6. Plastic bag is a non renewable resource.
  7. Plastic bags are low resistant to high temperature.
  8. Due to leaching of toxic dyes form plastic bags, it can easily contaminates food products.
  9. It also affects agriculture, land, environment due to pollution caused by plastic bags.

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