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Characteristics of Oligopoly

Some of the characteristics of oligopoly are as follows. So let us check it out some more information oligopoly to know more about it. Also know more about Advantages and disadvantages of oligopoly and its features.

  1. In oligopoly few firms control over the market.
  2. High barriers to entry in seen in oligopoly.
  3. Lack of available substitutes.
  4. Only few sellers in oligopoly.
  5. Control over supply.
  6. Lack of uniformity of size of firm
  7. Price rigidity
  8. Advertising and selling costs
  9. Group behavior
  10. During oligopoly conflicting attitudes of firms can be observed.
  11. Inter dependence of firms in oligopoly
  12. Intense competition
  13. Product differentiation may or may not exist


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