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What is multimedia with examples? applications and uses

Applications of multimedia with examples: Some of the points are discussed here to understand meaning of the given term with examples. So let us check it out points given below.

  1. Multimedia is what we see and what we hear for example text in various books, graphics in various pictures or images or sound in music.
  2. Multimedia is used in our day to day life and can be used in variety of ways.
  3. Teachers uses multimedia presentation to teach students.
  4. Multi means many or more than one and media means medium of communication.
  5. Multimedia is a combination of sound, text, images, animation, video, or graphics.
  6. Multimedia is an effective way to communicate and share the ideas with users.
  7. If the users sit back and watch the presentation that plays from start to end in order to present the information is a types of linear multimedia. Watching a movie is an example of linear multimedia.
  8. If the users control the delivery of multimedia elements such as images, videos, graphics etc then it is a types of non-linear multimedia.
  9. Multimedia is one of the effective way to promote business of any company.

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Full Form of MMS,GPRS

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is used to send multimedia messages such as text, pictures, video etc.(Other full form of MMS and meaning are also available) So check it out other articles related to the given term.

GPRS : General Packet Radio Service (Packet oriented mobile data service for mobile communication).

Examples of Critical Supply Chain and Logistics Processes for Retailers

Some of the examples of critical supply chain and logistics processes for retailers are as follows. So let us find out some information on SCM to know more about it. 

  1. Global trade management
  2. Distributed order management
  3. Reverse Logistics (Returns)
  4. Cross border e-commerce
  5. Same day, last-mile delivery
  6. Multi-echelon inventory optimization

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Examples of Acids and Bases

Examples of Acids and Bases are as follows , so let us check it out some information on Acids and Bases to know more about it.

Examples of Acids are:

  1. Hydrochloric Acid
  2. Nitric Acid
  3. Sulfuric Acid
  4. Oxalic Acid
  5. Hydrophosphoric Acid
  6. Nitrous Acid
  7. Chloric Acid
  8. Bromic Acid
  9. Fluoric Acid
  10. Chromic Acid etc...........

Examples of Bases are: