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Applications of Cam and Follower

Some of the applications of Cam and Follower are discussed below. So let us find some of the information related to cam and follower to know more about it.

  1. It is used in water powered mill. The wheel creates rotational motion when the water is falling down, this wheel is directly connected to a bar, which is also connected to a cam and follower. The follower used over here has a stamping battery at the end which pounds on the ore.
  2. Cams are used to convert rotary motion into reciprocating motion.
  3. In radial cams , the follower used here reciprocates as well as oscillates in a direction perpendicular to the cam axis.
  4. Cam is a mechanical device which is use to transmit motion to a follower by direct contact.
  5. In a cam the follower pair is used, Over here the cam normally rotates while the follower may translate or oscillate.
  6. Cam causes the follower to move with a uniform velocity.

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What are the benefits of Water transportation?

Some points on benefits of water transportation are discussed below. Also check out some advantages and disadvantages to know more about water transport. 

Benefits of water transportation

  • Water transport is ideal for transporting bulky and heavy goods
  • It is best suitable for products with long lead times
  • Water transportation is one of the cheapest mode of transportation
  • Water transport requires cheap motor powers compared to airplanes


68 Applications of Nanotechnology - Overview of the applications of Nanotechnology

There are various applications of nanotechnology which we are going to discuss below. Nanotechnology provides various benefits in this world of technology. Smaller as well as cheaper, lighter, faster and clever things , which consume less raw materials and less energy can be prepared with the help of nanotechnology. It also offers various opportunities in creating various functions and new features. A team effort is required in creating any new feature with the help of nanotechnology


Applications of polymers

Various applications of polymers are there for different industries which are very useful. Let us see some applications of polymers which are discussed as follows:

Polymers are used in packaging, surgical sutures,  bottles, electrical components, contact lenses, adhesives, medical supples such as blood bag, bone cement etc.

Used if plastic bags, pipes, rubber, fabrics, automative parts, paints, also used in houseware products such as plates, cups etc., 

Polymers nanofiber applications:

Polymers are used in

What is the main purpose of water transport?

Some points of purpose of water transport are given below. So let us check it out its purpose to know more about water transport.

Purpose of water transport are:

  1. Water transport is best suitable to transport people and goods from one place to another.
  2. Water transport can be used for fishing.
  3. It can also be used to go on holiday.
  4. It can also be usef to rescue people
  5. Water transport can used to have fun.
  6. To transpot cargo and bulky goods
  7. Water transport is useful to explore under the sea.