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Aluminium Applications Uses Advantages and Benefits

Some of the Applications and uses of Aluminium are Discussed below along with some Advantages or Benefits. So let us check it out one by one.

  1. It is used to make stainless steel.
  2. It is used to make food containers.
  3. It is used to make foil.
  4. It is used to make electrical wires.
  5. It is used to make airplanes.
  6. It is used power cables.
  7. It is used in power lines.
  8. It is used in overhead cables.
  9. It is used in mobile phones.
  10. It is used in making drinking cans.
  11. It is used in galvanising.
  12. It is used in food containers.
  13. It is used in fireworks.
  14. It is used in cars.
  15. It is used in cans.
  16. It is used in batteries.
  17. It is used in airplanes.
  18. It is used for water pipes.
  19. It is used for underground cables.
  20. It is used for underground and overhead electrical cables.
  21. It is used for overhead electrical cables.
  22. It is used for making transmission wires.
  23. It is used for cooking.
  24. It is used for aircraft.
  25. It is used cooking foil.
  26. It is used beverage cans.
  27. It is used  in beer cans.
  28. Aluminium foil is used to wrap food items.
  29. Aluminium cans are used to keep cold drinks.
  30. It can be used to reduce strontium oxide.
  31. Aluminium wire is used to make transmission cables.
  32. It is used to reduce metal oxides.
  33. It is used to pack food.
  34.  It is used to make utensils for cooking.
  35.  It is used to make tin foil.
  36.  It is used to make soft drink cans.
  37.  It is used to make soda cans.
  38.  It is used to make saucepans.
  39.  It is used to make pylon wires.
  40.  It is used to make power cables.
  41.  It is used to make pans.
  42.  It is used to make ladders.
  43.  It is used to make heat sink.
  44.  It is used to make bikes.
  45.  It is used to make airplane fuselage and wings.
  46.  It is used to make aircraft bodies
  47.  It is used to conduct electricity.
  48.  It is used to build boats.
  49.  It is used heavily for transmitting electricity
  50.  It is used as fin material.
  51.  Aluminium foil used to keep food warm.
  52.  It is used in aircraft construction.
  53.  It is used in antenna.
  54. It is used in automobiles.
  55. It is used in architecture.
  56. It is used in automotive industry
  57. It is used in bridges.
  58. It is used in casting
  59. It is used in computers
  60. It is used in car engines
  61. It is used in car bodies
  62.  It is used in cables
  63.  It is used in deodorant
  64.  It is used in die casting
  65.  It is used in daily life
  66. It is used in interior design.
  67. Aluminium chlorohydrate used in deodorants
  68. Aluminium disc is used in energy meter
  69. It powder used in explosives.
  70. It is used in flashlight photography
  71. It is used in furniture
  72.  It is used in greenhouse frames
  73.  It is used in the national grid
  74. It is used in houses
  75. It is used in home
  76.  It is used in high voltage power lines
  77.  It is used in heat sinks
  78.  It is used in suspended ceiling
  79.  It is used in navigational equipment
  80. It is used in interiors
  81. It is used in iphone
  82. It is used in industry
  83.  It is used instead of copper
  84.  It is used in the aircraft industry
  85.  It is used in jewellery
  86. It is used jam radar
  87. It foil is used in longlife milk boxes
  88.  It is used in packaging laminate
  89.  It is used in making utensils
  90.  It is used in making boilers
  91. It is used in medicine
  92. It is used in marine
  93. It can be used in oven
  94.  It is used in roofing
  95.  It is used in rocket fuel
  96.  It is used in radiators
  97.  It is used as a reflector in car headlights
  98.  Aluminium oxide used in cracking reactions
  99. It is used in spacecrafts
  100. It is used in shipbuilding
  101. It is used in steelmaking
  102.  It is used in saucepans
  103.  It is used in soft drink cans
  104.  It is used in sand casting
  105. Aluminium foil used in sweets
  106.  It is used in thermite process
  107.  It is used in thermite welding
  108. It is used in transport
  109.  It is used in utensils
  110. It is used in vaccines
  111. It is used in vehicles
  112. It is used in water treatment
  113. It is used in windows
  114. It sulphate used in water treatment
  115.  It is used in yachts


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