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Advantages of GSCM

Some of the Advantags of GSCM are as follows. So let us find out some information on supply chain management to know more about it. 

Advantages of GSCM are as follows:

  1. Enhance speed as well as efficiency.
  2. GSCM also reduce cycle time.
  3. Diversified trading as well as business.
  4. Untapped markets
  5. GSCM allows business to reduce dependence on their national as well as local economies.
  6. As they enter into more market the potential for expansion for business increases.
  7. Now a days internet users keeps on increasing day by day, global business can be 24*7 and 365 days a year, with any type of consumers all over the globe.
  8. When business goes global, chances of profit and sales increases as more customers are available.
  9. One of the important reason for any business to exist is increase in profit as well as sales.
  10. Cost of supply chain lowers in GSCM
  11. Competitive advantages can be seen in GSCM.
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