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Advantages and disadvantages of Quantitative Research

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Quantitative Research are as follows, So let us check it out some imformation on pros and cons of quantitative research to know more about it.

Advantages of Quantitative Research are :

  1. Quantitative research allows researcher to measure as well as analyse the data.
  2. In quantitative research high level of reliability is observed.
  3. Clear independent and dependent variable in quantitative research.
  4. In quantitative research minimum personal judgement is required.
  5. Quantitative research helps to provides the best means for understanding large population in numerical terms.
  6. After series of qualitative experimens, the quantitative experiments are useful for testing the results leading to a final answer.

Disadvantages of Quantitative Research are :

  1. In quantitative research, limited outcomes is seen due to structured method
  2. Quantitative research is difficult to study processes or dynamic phenomena : produces static view of the reality.
  3. Lack of resources for data collection
  4. Inability to control the environment in quantitative research.
  5. Limited outcomes in a quantitative research
  6. Expensive and time consuming
  7. Difficult in data analysis.
  8. Requirement of extra resources to analyse the results

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