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Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization

Get Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization (Globalisation) discussed below. Let us check out some information on advantages and disadvantages to know about globalization. 

Advantages of Globalization are :

International trade becomes easier with the help of globalization. 

It becomes easy to communicate across the boundaries for promoting busines with the help of globalization.

Because of Globalization it becomes easy to travel all around the world.

Cheaper and Better products or services becomes easily available because of globalization.

Because of globalization, transport of products or services across country becomes easy, better and faster.

Globalization improved and introduced new technologies.

Business opportunites increased because of globalization.

Culture interchange becomes possible due to globalization.

Free trade between two different countries becomes possible because of globalization.

It leads to increase in diversity and culture.

Larger market range is available due to globalization.

Greater range and access to variety of different products is possible.

Investment into developing country's economies is possible due to globalization

Globalization increases job opportunities.

Disadvantages of Globalization are :

Disturbance or destruction of indigeneous culture

Globalization may affect small retail stores.

Low wages offered due to globalization

Environment degradation due to globalization.

Sometimes spread of deadly disease may results due to globalization.

Globalization leads to inequality of income.

Socially unequal distribution of world resources.

As a result of globalization , less accountablity for rich countries in name of developement.

Unequal wealth distribution seen in globalization.

Health illness or health problems were developed when globalization existed.

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