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What is the Stationary Phase in Paper Chromatography?

Let us check it out What is the stationary phase in paper chromatography ? Some of the information on stationary phase to know more about paper chromatography are as follows.

We know that chromatography is an analytical method which is used to separate components from a given mixture. Similarly in paper chromatography mobile phase is passed from the stationary phase carrying the sample mixture. Different components present in the mixture travelled at different rates.Stationary phase can be in the form of solid or liquied but In this type of chromatography the stationary phase is thin strip or piece of paper while mobile phase is a mixture of solvents.

Based on the Rf value the components is identified. Rf value is the ratio of Distance travelled by the compound to the distance travelled by the solvent.The chromatogram is checked and the different components are identified.

There are other types of chromatography such as Gas chromatography, Thin layer chromatography etc.,are available in which the stationary phase and the mobile phase are different.

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