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What happens in Chromatography?

What happens in Chromatography? Let us check it out how chromatography works and what is the principle behind chromatography. Principle of chromatography is given below.

  1. Chromatography is a method or technique used to separate or isolate different constituents of a solution mixture.
  2. Chromatography separates unknown sample from a give mixture.
  3. Compound which is to be separated is passed through chromatography column along with the mobile phase.
  4. There is stationary phase in the chromatography column.
  5. Now the molecules of given compouds interacts (adsorb) with the stationary phase.
  6. Molecules which have strong interaction will separate slower and molecules with weak interaction will move fast.
  7. The molecules of given compound must have solubility properties with the mobile phase.
  8. Finally molecules are detected at the detector and hence unknown molecule can be identified.


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