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Importance of Water Transport

Some of the points on importance of water transport are listed below. So let us check out importance to know more about water transport.

Importance of water transport are :

  1. Water transport can carry heavier and more  goods than truch or a train.
  2. Water transport is one of the cheaper means of transport for bulky and heavy goods such as metals, logs and grains.
  3. Water transport is very important as it is one of the only means which carries people and goods from one place to another.
  4. It carries people and goods by ships, boats and ferries.
  5. Water transportation is fuel effiecient and environment friendly means of transportation.
  6. It is one of the best mode of transportation for petroleum and its products as it involves cross continental transfers.
  7. Water transport does not require any special infrastructure and there is no issue of traffic.
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