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What are the Types of Friction ?

What are the Types of Frictions ? Let us check it out some of the types of friction to learn more about friction. This type of frictional force is responsible for wear and tear of two bodies, Following are some of the types:

Types of Friction are:

  1. Static Friction
  2. Kinetic Friction
  3. Rolling Friction
  4. Fluid Friction

Static Force comes into action when a body is forced to move along a surface but the movement of the body does not starts. Example Pushing on a wall

Kinetic Force comes into action when a body just starts moving along the surface.

Rolling friction is a type of force which slows down the movement or motion of a rolling body. Example  riding a motorcycle

Fluid Friction is a types of force which comes into action when the object is in air or fluid, This types of force slows down the motion of the body. Example Swimming, skydiving etc.,

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