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Parul Institute Of Pharmacy and Research - Parul Pharmacy College

Parul Institute of Pharmacy And Research, Popular Pharmacy College locates at Post. Limda, Tal. Waghodia, Dist. Vadodara, Gujarat 391760. Check out Pharmacy college Details.

Name Of Pharmacy College / Institute Name : Parul Institute of Pharmacy And Research - Parul Pharmacy College

Program : Pharmacy

Contact No. / Phone No. : 02668 260287 , 02668 260232

Website : and

City : Vadodara

State : Gujarat

Region : Central

Country : India

Univesity Name : Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad

Shift : 1st & 2nd

Part Time / Full Time : Full Time

Level Of Course : Under Graduate (B.Pharm) & Post Graduate (M.Pharm) 

Course : Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Quality Assurance, Quality Assurance Techniques, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutics

Address / Location :Post. Limda, Tal. Waghodia, Dist. Vadodara, Vadodara, Gujarat 391760

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Full Form of GC Chromatography

Gas Chromatography (GC) is an analytical method used to separate substance from a given mixture. (Other full form of GC and related terms are also available) So check it out similar articles related to the given term.

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Full Form of DO,MBBS

Diploma in Ophthalmology (DO) is a course offered by medical schools in various countries.(Other full form and meaning of DO are also available) So check it out other articles related to the given term.

MBBS-- Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of surgery (Degree awarded by medical  school).

Advantages and disadvantages of Chromatography

Chromatography is simple method. Chromatography can be handled by single person.

Other advantages are, Chromatography is used to separate components from complex mixture.

Different types of chromatography equipment are available for separation of different compounds.

Some of them are Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography, Solid Chromatography, High performance liquid Chromatography, Solid liquid Chromatography, Liquid liquid Chromatography, Thin layer Chromatography. This method gives accurate results.

Why 500 and 1000 rupee notes banned in india?

India has discontinued (banned) two largest rupee notes of 500 and 1000 on 9 November 2016. The Narendra Modi Government has made a big move against corruption (black money).

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Full Form of UPA and NDA

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UPA - National Democratic Alliance (It is one of the polical parties in India)

NDA  - United Progressive Alliance (It is also one of the political parties in India)

Full Form of AMP in Biology

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The full form of AMP in biology is Adenosine Monophosphate . The terms AMP is a type of nucleotide comprised of a nucleoside.

About Azadirachta Indica in Acne, Pimples and Skin disorder

The leaves of the neem tree (Azadirachta Indica) are very useful in skin diseases. They are applied externally on the skin. They are very effective in the treatment in various skin diseases such as acne and pimples. They are also used to treat small pox, chronic ulcers, swelling and wounds. The leaves when applied to the skin gives cooling effect on the skin. 

The ointment can be also prepared from the leaves of the neem which is used in diabetes treatment,also used in healing ulcers and wounds. The leaves plays an important role in the treatment of skin disease.