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Explain the Difference Between Mass and Weight

Information on "The Difference Between Mass and Weight". Some point are explained below about the difference between mass and weight to know more about it.


  • Mass can be defined as quantity of matter contained in the body.
  • Mass of the body cannot be changed with the change in the location or position , it remains constant at any time and any place.
  • Mass can never be zero
  • Mass is usually denoted my m or M


  • Weight can be considere as the measurement of the gravitational force acting on the object or the body.
  • We can say the weight is the force by which the earth attracts an object or the body towards its centre.
  • Weight is not constant , it keeps changes with the change in the location or position. Weight changed due to gravity.
  • Weight can be zero if no gravity is acting on it.
  • Weight W is denoted by : W = m * g where m means mass and g means gravity.

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