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Junk Food and Obesity

All about Junk Food and Obesity. Let us check it out some of the point on how junk food can cause obesity, so find out some of the points on fast food and obesity.

Some points on Junk Food and Obesity are :

  1. Obesity has increased a lot in many countries and eating Junk Food is one of the reason for obesity.
  2. Some of the health complications of obesity includes Cancer, Hypertension, Heart Attack, Stroke, Heart Failure, Diabetes, Sleep apnea, Gallstones and more.
  3. Junk food add up extra calories in the body which leads to obesity.
  4. Calorie intake increases drastically by consuming more and more junk food.
  5. Junk Food are not easy to digest and extra fat always stores in the body.
  6. The increase calories comes from packaged foods, soft drinks and fried foods which are forms of junk food.
  7. Junk food also affects the brain functions that regulates how much we eat.
  8. Junk food is easily available and hence due to large varieties people prefers more and more junk food which leads to obesity.
  9. To remain healthy and free from obesity one should avoid intake of junk foods.

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