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How to Break the Habit of Junk Food ?

How to Break the Habit of Junk Food ? So let us check it out some of the points on tips to stop junk food addiction and the ways to prevent it.

Tips to break the habit of Junk Food are :

  1. Make a list on how often you consume Junk food in a week.
  2. Note down the time when you visit fast food restaurants.
  3. Write down why you want to stop eating fast food.
  4. Note down what would be the harmful effects of eating junk food on your body.
  5. Write down how much money do you spend on fast food a day.
  6. Count all the calories you add by eating fast food.
  7. Find out what food you are craving.
  8. Also keep a note on how often you are craving.

After making a list of all the above points . Now its time to plan a strategy.

  1. Stop visiting the fast food restaurants.
  2. Instead of eating fast food try to consume other alternatives available on the store.
  3. Try to replace soda and other drinks  with fruit juice and other health drinks less in calorie.
  4. Make a habit of not to bring unhealthy food to your home.
  5. Find out other alternatives of food which will stop your craving.
  6. Consult a dietitian to make a healthy diet plan.
  7. Try to spend more time in playing games and gym to lose extra calories.
  8. Stick to your plan and never give up, in order to make your body healthy. 

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